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    We are proud to launch this new initiative which was developed to help buyers and procurement professionals obtain an easy path to savings for their procured goods and services.

    Our Insider Agreements allow businesses to quickly identify common products and services that their business currently uses and obtain instant savings.

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Fuel and Vehicle Maintenance Savings Program

Take control of your fuel expenses with a universally accepted fleet card. Sign up through Master Negotiator and have the application fee waived!

This Program Includes:
  • A discount on all of your fuel purchases at select fuel locations

  • Service and product discounts at select maintenance shops and parts stores

  • No card fees or annual renewal payments

  • Assign cards to vehicles, drivers or any combination

  • Driver ID & odometer prompting protects your company from unauthorized use

  • 'Fuel Only', 'Fuel & Maintenance, or 'Fuel, Maintenance and Other Spending' limits

  • Allows your company to "Go Green" with your fuel purchases, as a portion of your spend is used to purchase Carbon Offset Credits
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