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    We are proud to launch this new initiative which was developed to help buyers and procurement professionals obtain an easy path to savings for their procured goods and services.

    Our Insider Agreements allow businesses to quickly identify common products and services that their business currently uses and obtain instant savings.

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Get a 10% discount on online procurement training.

Master Negotiator and Next Level Purchasing are working together to provide you with discounted online procurement training, offering savings of 10% off of standard pricing.

Next Level Purchasing offers a multitude of online courses, covering procurement topics from purchasing fundamentals to negotiation to global sourcing. Next Level Purchasing also offers the globally-recognized SPSM Certification, which can be earned completely online. So whether you are looking to sharpen your skills in a single area or to become fully certified, this deal with Master Negotiator will help you accomplish your career development goal at a lower price.

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